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Tornado in Gaylord

We traveled to Gaylord in the wake of the tornado and did what we could to aid the people affected by its devastation (expand this section)

Ministry in the Holiday Season

While the holiday season can be a source of pain for many people, we seek to carry the reality of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ with us in all peace, hope, and compassion.  To that end, we:

Were able to send over two hundred personalized greetings to veterans on November 11.

Provided upwards of fifty dinners to the homeless community of Saginaw, MI, through a rescue center.

Provided another fifty dinners to the homeless of Joy Junction in Albuquerque, NM. 

Ministered to and served two families who lost their husbands and fathers to suicide.

Pennsylvania Salvation Army Presentation

We had the opportunity to travel to Pennsylvania and present MAP Ministries to a local Salvation Army Post. While there, we were also able to minister to and pray with many veterans and homeless individuals.

Notes of Appreciation

We receive constant messages of gratitude and thanksgiving from those the Lord has encouraged and blessed through this Ministry. Here are just a few of them.

Please note: names have been changed for privacy purposes.

"Thank you for your continued prayers and support, it means a lot...I am so blessed."


"Thank you so much! I appreciate you. God has certainly been working in my life. I've had some difficult life lessons in the past few years. I am starting to see the reasons for some of them only in the past few months. I cannot believe the change in mindset. I am letting go and am leaving it to him, learning to lean on him and have faith. It's been eye opening and at the same time the hardest things I have ever had to do. Thank you for reaching out to me. I needed your message today."


"This is such a great message to receive on my birthday! I appreciate you thinking of me today!"


"Because of your faithful prayers his L3 is healing. He's been going to a chiropractor to begin with instead of surgery. He's at this point probably 95 percent well. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer for us."


"Things are going as good as can be expected with the loss of my wife of 36 years and then my dog of 12 years. But I am sure our God has a reason for me to be still hanging out at 89. Trust all is well with you and your loved ones"


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